Venue Tour Vlog

Today our blog post is a little different! I’m taking you on a tour of the venue via vlog today! Let us know if you like this style of blog and we’ll try to incorporate more into our blogs!

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Allison Nichols
Spreadsheets for Planning

Wedding planning is hard. There are TONS of websites out there to help you figure out what in the world you’re supposed to be doing, but sometimes even then the avalanche of information is too much to take in. I took the liberty of trying to calm your nerves and help you be more organized in your planning.

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Allison NicholsComment
Wedding Day Emergency Kit List:

Everything you will ever possibly need for your wedding day emergency kit is in this list. Here at Bright Star in our bridal suite we have an emergency kit stocked full of all the things our beautiful brides and their girls could possibly need. These items have not only come in handy for the bride and bridesmaids but also for the groomsmen, family members, and everyone in between. Boys spill, seams rip, accidents happen, so this is our list to help you tackle crises with ease.

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How to Word A Wedding Invitation

Friends, your wedding invitation is a huge step. Yes, this step comes after the save the date. A save the date it pretty standardly an engagement photo and pretty writing with yours and your fiancé’s names and the date y’all have set along with the location. These can be more fun! It’s like a teaser trailer for the real deal. A wedding invitation sets the tone for your whole wedding.

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