Tips on Tipping Wedding Vendors

I know what you're thinking, “How am I supposed to know what the etiquette is for all of this?” But don’t even worry, that’s why I’m here to explain all of it to you! I scoured the internet looking at who all you’re supposed to tip, how much you're supposed to tip them, and when to give said tip. I found a ton of information and I’m going to summarize it for you so that you don't have to stress about this!

So let’s start with who not to tip. If you’re feeling super generous, you definitely can tip them, but these vendors do not expect it.

Wedding stationer

This is the person who makes your invitations. Typically their fee is their tip.

Bridal shop

GIRL, you already know they made enough off of the sale of your dress, so keep your money!!

Alterations seamstress

This is one vendor that I would consider tipping if my alterations were very complicated or they had to put a rush on it, but there are also fees for those things.

Tux Shop

Typically there is an extra fee for any complicated or rushed orders and alterations, so no need to tip them.


Your wedding jeweler more than likely made a large commission off of the sale of your bling.

Cake Baker

Bakers have fees for complicated or rushed services.


You can tip the delivery people depending on how difficult of a delivery it is (hard to get to, etc.). $5 - $10 per delivery person is suggested if you wish to tip. This tip should be given by either yourself, your fiancé, or your wedding coordinator at the time of delivery.

Honeymoon Travel Agent

Travel Agents have a service fee that covers the tip. 

Okay so now that we have that out of the way, lets get into the vendors that you are expected to tip.


A lot of times, gratuity for bartenders is already included in your contract, make sure to check before. If gratuity is not included, 10% of the liquor bill or $200 - $300 to be divided equally amongst your bar staff is a good tip. This tip should be delivered by either the bride, groom, or wedding coordinator at the end of the reception.


Typically you tip these vendors as you would for their regular services or 15 - 25%. The bride or wedding coordinator should hand out these tips after the service is given.


If you're having live music, singers get between $25 and $75, other band members get $5 - $10 per hour. If you're having a DJ, between $25 and $75 is a polite tip. The bride, groom, or wedding coordinator should give out these tips at the end of the reception.


If your photographer owns their own company, no tip is required since they will be keeping most of the fee money. If they are an employee of a photography company, between $50 and $100 is polite, depending on the amount of time that they spent. The bride, groom, or wedding coordinator can deliver this tip either at the end of the reception or whenever the vendor leaves or finishes their service.


If your officiant is affiliated with a church, no tip is required, but a donation to their church of at least $100 is typical. Keep in mind that if you are a member of the officiant’s institution, the donation should be larger. If the officiant is non-denominational, a tip is not required since they will charge you. However, a $40 - $50 would still be appropriate. Give this tip at the rehearsal dinner from the bride, groom, or wedding coordinator.

Wedding Coordinator

If your wedding coordinator owns their own company, no tip is required. If they are an employee of an event company, between $50 and $100 is polite, depending on the intricacy of your wedding (up to $500) is typical. The bride or groom can give this tip, and you can give it at any point. Most typically, it is given after the honeymoon

If you do not have a wedding coordinator...

If you planned your wedding yourself and do not have a wedding coordinator, consider getting a day-of person to handle things like telling vendors where to go and distributing tips and final payments. This will make they day easier on you and it will flow much better! Also consider delivering the tips with thank you notes from yourself and your fiancé for a special touch!

Still stressing? Here’s an infographic that has all of this info and more!!


Shelby Mott