Seasonal Trends: Fall 2016

Today we are going to look back at the Fall 2016 wedding season and check out some trends that you can carry over into your wedding and also take a look into Winter 2016 to forecast what some of the coming trends could be!

Overall Trends

This past fall, the overarching trend was rustic wedding themes and designs. This includes greenery, soft tones, calming colors, and a romanticism that I don't think is conveyed as well in other themes. This rustic look leans a bit towards minimalism and is very simplistic, so planning these types of weddings is more of a breeze than weddings that have a multitude of small details.


This season we saw a lot of maroon (GIG ‘EM), gray, and nudes, including blush, mauve-y purples and blues all coming together in a calming and beautiful palette. Neutrals were the star of the show with a lot of green and forest colors drawn in to create that rustic look that so many brides chose.

Bridesmaid Dresses

One trend that I am loving this season is mismatched bridesmaid dresses! You have them all pick a dress (tip: have them all from the same store or designer) and order them in the same color or color range to create a more dynamic line of bridesmaids! In the way of dress design, we saw a lot of dresses that flowed and billowed in a romantic style that softened the wedding party’s look.


From Save-the-Dates to RSVP cards, I am loving what this season has brought in the way of stationery! We saw a plethora of scripted fonts with long, gentle lines and beautiful florals to accent the romantic type. I have also seen a rise in the number of people who are designing their own invitations, and they have turned out beautifully! 

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Many brides this season decided to forego the flowers and either hold just a bouquet of greenery or mostly greenery with a few flowers added in. Some brides also chose to go with a flower alternative, check some out that we found here.

In fall receptions this season, we saw a lot of greenery draped over signage and tables and used as a filler for decorations that otherwise may have seemed too small for their space or just to add some dimension.


This trend may just be my favorite: the nearly naked wedding cake. I am OBSESSED with these and how gorgeous they are! Brides have chosen to have little to no icing on their cake so that you can see through it to the actual cake! It is then decorated and embellished with flowers, toppers, and greenery to follow the rustic trend.

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Wedding Gowns

This fall I saw a lot of low-backed dresses and not a whole lot of embellishment. Lace was present in spades along with some velvet and softer fabrics. One of my favorite trends this season for wedding dresses was the short sleeve dress. Many brides went for this look that featured any shape skirt with a slightly embellished top and of course a low or open back!

Groom and Groomsmen

WOW, to you ladies who got married this season, you picked some good looking fellas!! Man-buns, tailored pants, and oxford shoes were all here this season in spades, and I am loving it! The guys in weddings tend to get a little bit overlooked to focus on the ladies, but men’s fashion has made some major changes lately and those trends are seeping into weddings and now the guys are just as much the focus as the ladies!

Future Trend Forecast

I am by no means an expert on wedding trends, but I will tell you what I can see happening in this upcoming season for weddings. We all know that the holidays are the time for engagements, but it’s also a great time for beautiful weddings full of romance and family.

My forecast for winter 2016 is that this rustic trend will continue, but with more of an emphasis on lights and some pops of color to bring in some holiday spirit. I can definitely see the dress trends changing towards a more refined look for the winter months. I am loving all of the fall trends, so I’m hoping that a lot of them are here to stay for a while! I feel like fall is the base-line and you can add and subtract aspects like color and flowers to make it fit the season and your taste and right now there is a strong rustic vibe that I can really get behind.

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Shelby Mott