Wedding Day Emergency Kits: His and Hers

In all of the chaos of planning your wedding, have you thought about having an emergency kit on hand the day of your wedding for you and your honey? This week I’ve compiled for you a list of everything that is most often recommended to be in your emergency kit. 

These kits are great for when your hairstylist leaves after doing your hair and a curl comes loose from that updo, or your eyes are itchy and watery. Where else will you find bobby pins the exact color of your hair and eye drops? YOUR EMERGENCY KIT!! So today’s post is super short and sweet because the lists are attached and are pretty self explanatory! The groom’s list is noticeably shorter because we all know that while it takes us ladies hours to get ready for events like this, it will only take him about 10 minutes, so he has less time to make a mess!

I’m going to go ahead an explain some of these things on the bride list:

  • Vaseline: this is for when you're taking pictures so that your teeth don't feel dry and it keeps your smile bright and beautiful!
  • Chalk: this is to cover up any stains on your dress (get white chalk, not sidewalk chalk(: )
  • Straws: this is so you don't stain your teeth or mess up your makeup!
  • Baby Powder: y’all this is so important and has so many uses. Baby powder can be used to avoid chafing and can also be used to set makeup or fix hair!

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Shelby Mott