5 Fun Wedding Send Offs That Are Picture Perfect

Sparklers are always a beautiful way to send off the groom and bride, but if you're looking for a less traditional send off, then today’s post is for you! We’re giving you 5 fun and original ideas for your wedding send off!

Flower Petals

This is a fun and beautiful way to send off the groom and bride. The petals will give photographs a soft and romantic hue. Make sure that the petals are colored naturally so that any dye will not rub off on any skin or clothing.

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are great for weddings with a lot of kids coming. There is no fire hazard or risk and they make fun toys after the wedding!


This is great for fall weddings. Having your guests toss leaves can give your pictures a soft look and make it feel very rustic.

Metallic Confetti

This can add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your wedding! Having the confetti be metallic ensures that you will not have rainbow confetti stains on your skin and dress after the send off!


If you want to avoid the fire hazard that sparklers bring, think about LED balloons! They give off an ambient glow that is sure to photograph beautifully!

Shelby Mott