5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Flow Better

Howdy! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Some of you may have even gotten engaged!! If so, YAY!! and check us out for your venue!

Today we’re talking about little things that you can do to take away some of that awkward lagging that some weddings have and make your wedding or event flow better!

Have a wedding coordinator. I have said it before and I am saying it again. Having someone to coordinate with your vendors and keep everything on track helps SO MUCH!! You are going to be busy and your mind will be all over the place on the day of the wedding, so invest in your own sanity by hiring someone to coordinate.

Time the toasts. Schedule the toasts to be either immediately before or at the tail end of dinner. This will help keep your guests occupied and engaged in the celebration.

Have your wedding party have a blast on the dance floor. If you elect your wedding party to start the dancing and ask them to keep the party going, this will encourage other guests to let loose and have fun and will make your wedding a party to remember.

Make a timeline. This may not need to be said, but having a general idea of what is going to happen when is super important. I would suggest starting with a general timeline and then adding in the smaller details to make sure that you are allowing enough time for everything.

Buffer time!!!! Remember that your wedding timeline is a guideline. It doesn't have to be followed to a T. Relax, sit back, and enjoy your special day!

Shelby Mott