From Ms. to Mrs.: The Bright Star Name Change Checklist

Today we’re focusing on a part of a wedding which comes after the ceremony and reception: the name change. This can be really complicated and difficult to remember every area that you need to have covered to have your name completely changed. We’re making the process a little bit simpler by giving you a checklist of all of the major areas you need to change your name in. Make sure and bring plenty of proof that you are who you are for the major offices!

Without further ado, here’s our name change checklist! 

Get your Marriage License

Call the clerk’s office where you filled out the license to get copies.

Change your social security card

Go to your local social security office and fill out the form for a new card.

Change your license

Bring ALL documents with your new last name (and address) with you. Literally all of the documents.

Change your bank accounts

You’ll need to go in to the actual brick and mortar bank office to do this.

Credit Card accounts

Just call the company and tell them you got married!


If this isn't done, it can cause problems on payday.


If you’re a student, you need to make sure that your university knows your new marital status and new name so that your records can be updated!


If your husband is moving in with you, then make sure to add him to your lease and have your name updated.


Go to a postal office with a passport office 

Update legal documents (wills, power of attorney, etc) with new name

Make an appointment with your lawyer to update these documents with your new name and to include your new spouse in the document if necessary.

Voter Registration

You can do this online or through the DMV when you update your license.

Doctor’s offices

No need to make a special call or trip for this, just give them your new information next time you call to make an appointment or when you go in for your appointment.


If you aren't going on your husband’s insurance, give your company a call and give them your new info (and add your hubby onto your plan if necessary).


Call your utility companies and give them your new information, they’ll take care of it. This one isn't as major if it doesn't happen, but still important to avoid confusion in the future.

Social Media

Go into account settings and update your general information to change your name!

Email accounts

Go into the account settings for your email account and update your info!

Here’s a more condensed checklist for you! Save it and print it off to help with your name transition.

Shelby Mott