Who To Choose To Be A Bridesmaid

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about what the general plan is for after you get engaged. I’m going to slowly go through the wedding planning process (probably out of order) and highlight different aspects of wedding planning that are either easily overlooked or commonly made to be extremely stressful. Today, we’re talking about bridesmaids! 

Bridesmaids are those ladies that you couldn't live without. The ones who cried and ate ice cream with you over previous break ups, watched you grow up, and watched your relationship with your future spouse blossom. 

The first step to figuring out who those select few lucky ladies should be is deciding how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you want standing by your side. This number could be based off of the size of your wedding (small wedding, small wedding party), or it could just have to do with having an even number on each side. Once you have that magic number, you can start thinking of who you should ask!!

Chances are that you've already decided on a Maid of Honor, but there’s still spots to fill!! If you or your fiancé have any sisters, consider having them in the wedding party to help them feel like a part of your big day. The rest of these spots could be filled with college roommates, childhood friends, or anyone else who you feel will improve your wedding day.

Now a warning: do not feel obligated to ask ANYONE to be a bridesmaid. If they are normally dramatic, they will probably be even more so during the wedding planning. If they are flakey, they might ditch you at the last minute. Make this planning process less stressful on yourself by choosing those who are closest to your heart and you know will only have your happiness in mind as the big day approaches.

Shelby Mott