My Bridesmaids Hate Each Other… Now What?

Every female knows and understands that when you get girls together for some amount of time, there will be drama. It is a given that your bridesmaids will argue and probably not all love each other all of the time (unless you’re just really lucky). Today I’m going to give you a few tips to keep the drama at a minimum and keep you less stressed about it as your day approaches!

Be picky when picking bridesmaids

When thinking about who you want to stand by you on your wedding day, remember to consider the days leading up to your wedding and how these girls will handle themselves. If they’re normally a drama queen, they will be even more so when someone goes against their opinion. Check out our other tips for choosing bridesmaids here!

Give away some responsibility

The great think about having bridesmaids is that you can relieve yourself of some of the stresses of planning a wedding. Handling bridesmaid drama is one of the major jobs that you can assign to your maid of honor! I literally wrote a whole blog post about what a blessing your MOH can be if you delegate, read it here! You can also ask your MOH to pull aside any girls who are causing trouble and just explain to the girl(s) that this event is about you and not them.

Another way that you can delegate is through assigning your bridesmaids with some tasks (of course any decisions will go through you). If one or a couple of the girls do not work particularly well with others, consider giving them an individual task that will both occupy them and keep them out of situations that give them potential to stir the pot.

Don’t sweat it

GIRL, you are about to marry your best friend and that is literally the only thing that matters! Don't let petty drama ruin your day. The best advice that I can give you is to let it go and trust that they will understand that this is your day and that it is not about them even a little bit.

Shelby Mott