Big vs. Small Weddings

One of the many decisions to be made during the wedding planning process is the choice between having a small, intimate wedding or a large wedding. Today we will go through some pros and cons of each to try and make that decision a little bit easier!

Big Wedding

Pro: No guest list stress. If you don't have a limit of how many people you can invite, then you don't need to worry about whether or not to invite that third cousin you only see every 4 years!

Con: Less personal. The more people that are invited to your wedding, the less time you will have to just be still and enjoy your wedding day. This means more socializing and chatting with people that you haven't necessarily caught up with in a while.

Pro: Bigger party. Having more people means that the reception will more than likely be hoppin’!

Con: More expensive. More people means more seating, food, space, and decor. All of this equals more money, so you may end up having to sacrifice something in order to compensate for the extra people.

Small Wedding

Pro: More money for special aspects. Having less people means that your budget may end up going a little bit farther than expected. You may even end up having enough money left over to spend on a special something like decorations or live music that otherwise would have been too expensive.

Con: Could be offensive to those not invited. A smaller guest list means that not everyone who thinks that they should be invited will get an invitation. However, those that do get invited should add to the intimacy of the event and make it more memorable.

Pro: Your Pinterest dreams can come true. Little details like seating arrangements and guest favors become more manageable when there’s less of them to do. Smaller weddings end up being less stressful because there’s less to worry about.

Con: Less of a hoppin’ party scene. Unless every person that you invite is just the life of the party, your reception will more than likely end up having a more relaxed feel where not a whole lot of guests are on the dance floor. However this can also be a pro if you’re wanting a relaxing vibe.

So now that you have an idea of what some of the good and the bad aspects of both a small and large wedding are, which will it be?

Shelby Mott