5 Ways To Save On Alcohol

Alcohol is one of those things that you have to decide if you really want at your wedding. It's expensive as heck but tends to make everyone more relaxed and the environment more fun. Should you decide to have alcohol at your reception, check out these 5 tips on saving money when it comes to wedding alcohol!

Serve only beer and wine. By limiting what you serve, you can better estimate the quantity needed. By only serving beer and wine, you’re skipping out on the pricey liquors.

Give each table its own bottle of wine. Great wine doesn't have to be expensive. You can provide each table with a bottle of wine and encourage guests to trade bottles and mingle with other tables.

Serve signature cocktails. If you only serve one cocktail a few things will happen: some people will probably not drink it, and you will save by only having to buy limited amounts of liquor!

Fill glasses only 1/2 way for the champagne toast. If you want your guests to all have champagne for the toasts, instruct the servers to only fill the glasses 1/2 way. For many people, they will only be sipping on the drink for the toasts, so reduce alcohol waste by only giving guests what they will drink.

Close the bar early. A great way to save money and make sure everyone gets home safe is to close the bar before the reception is over. This will lower the quantity needed and give guests a chance to sober up before they head home.

Shelby Mott