Planning A Destination Wedding

Everyone at some point or another thinks about what it would be like to get married in some romantic, far away place. If you’re one of those people making your dreams come true, first of all congratulations on being super freaking lucky, second of all can I be you??, and thirdly welcome to today’s blog - it’s just for you!! We’re going to be diving into the topic of destination weddings and some logistical things that you may not have though of!

Starting Out. The best advice that we can give you when planning a wedding in a foreign country would be to hire an expert. These pros can help you through the battles of language barriers, they know the area and the vendors, and can most likely get you a good price.

Legally. If you want to get legally married outside of the country that you live in, it is essential to have the right documents in place. We all know that things like that take time, so allow way more time than you think will be necessary to get those forms sorted out! Another option would be to be legally married in your country then have another ceremony or something similar in that destination country.

Logistically. When it comes to the logistics of a destination wedding, there is a lot to think about. For today, we will just focus on guests and the dress.

When you’re planning the guest list for this sure-to-be gorgeous wedding, be realistic. It’s impractical to have 400 of your closest friends and family hop on a plane and all be in the same city with little notice. For this reason, destination weddings are typically intimate affairs with only a few guests to ensure that everyone can be there and enjoy the special day together.

Our tip for flying with a wedding dress is to carry it with you (yes the whole time). This ensures that it will not get lost with checked baggage or ruined by other luggage. And really, do you trust anyone else to get it there?? Also plan to give it some time for the wrinkles to come out before the big day!

We hope that this gives you a couple of hints on things to consider when it comes to planning that fairytale destination wedding!!

Shelby Mott