For Bridesmaids: Planning a Bridal Shower

Hey y’all! We’re going to be focusing on the planning process of a bridal shower and we’ll go through some do’s and don’t’s as well!!


First you need to find a venue and choose a date. Work with the bride and other bridesmaids to schedule this and make sure that everyone can be available to contribute! When choosing the venue, consider going to someone’e home or a nice quiet restaurant that the bride loves! Remember that bridal showers are supposed to be pretty low-key, leave the partying for the bachelorette party!!


Next, make the guest list! Again, work with the bride on this! Hint: grab a copy of her wedding guest list and work off of that! She also probably already has all of their addresses on her copy of the list!


Make sure to get the invitations out with plenty of time! Specify when everyone needs to respond by in order for you to have a good final head count! 


On the day of… Arrive early to set everything up. Don’t leave this up to the host or restaurant and DO NOT make the bride do it!! Take notes of every gift that the bride receives and who it is from. Also, don't forget to lead the group in some fun games!


Okay so now for the do’s and don’t’s!!

DO have a theme.

DO ask the bride if there is anything specific that she wants to be at her bridal shower.

DO include all of the bridesmaids.

DO play games!!

DO have a cute keepsake for the bride that all guests contribute to!

DON’T go overboard on the themed elements, keep it classy and simple.

DON’T make the bride plan her own bridal showers, just get some ideas from her!

DON’T make the games super cheesy or ones that you know everyone will hate.

DON’T force the guests into bringing or contributing to too many things (1 recipe card OR 1 spoon with a date written on it, not both).

DON’T freak out!! The bride will love whatever you plan for her!!

Shelby Mott