Do Not Playlist

Guess who’s back, back again… If you’re like me, you can get jammy to just about any kind of music. But if you are the type of person who has a particular taste in music, you should consider finishing reading this blog. I’m going to talk about reception music and how you can ensure that you feel jammy all night long at your reception by using a Do Not Playlist.

A Do Not Playlist is basically a list of songs that you either don't like or just don't want played at your reception that you will create yourself and give to your DJ (before the wedding) so that they can make sure none of those tunes make it to the wedding playlist. 

Whenever you’re booking your DJ, let them know about your music taste and what you do and do not like to listen to. Normally they’ll have a playlist that they can use to make sure your guests are out on the dance floor having a good time, but this is the time to let them know of any songs that you do NOT want to hear at your wedding. Go to these DJ interviews armed with your Do Not Playlist so that you know they have it before the wedding. 

If I were to make a Do Not Playlist, it would probably include a bunch of The Frey and Florence + The Machine (sorry!!). Everyone’s music taste is a little bit different, and that’s okay! Your reception playlist should reflect yours and your fiancé’s music tastes. Don't worry about what your guests will think. If you want a really chill vibe where your guests can feel comfortable sitting at their tables and interacting with each other, then let your DJ know to focus on calming music. But if you want your reception to be bumpin’, tell your DJ to pump up the jams!! Whatever you’re going for, let your DJ know. But if you know that there are certain songs or artists that don't make you want to shake it on the dance floor, then go ahead and put those on your Do Not Playlist!

Shelby Mott