Dream Weddings

Hey y'all! We all have dreams - things we want for ourselves or ways that we want certain things to play out. Most girls have some idea of what they want their wedding to be like, a dream wedding. Today I'm going to give you a little dose of reality and also maybe share some of my Pinterest ideas for my own dream wedding (bc yes, I have a whole board of things even though I'm not planning on having a wedding for myself anytime soon). 

Okay let's get the bad part over with. It's great to have dreams, but we also need to be realistic and understand that weddings can get hella expensive real quick and we may not be able to have some of the things that we want. So basically what I'm saying is have those dreams and have an overall vision for your wedding, and do what you can to achieve it realistically. 

Phew, glad that's over! Now lets look into my secret Pinterest board and you can get to know a little more about me! Also feel free to steal all of these ideas(: This Memorial Day weekend I was fortunate enough to spend time with my family at home and talk about the future and home building, weddings and everything that will happen a few years down the road. Now I'm back at work and just want these next few years to speed up so I can be living that dream future that I imagined this weekend!!!

I really don't have a "dream wedding", just a few things that are really important to me: a ridiculous amount of joy and love, tons of flowers, and for my hubby to be cute as heck (and maybe have a dog in the wedding? idk).

One of the things that always pulls me in about wedding pictures is the love that is so clear in how the newlyweds look at each other. Thinking about my "dream wedding" for me is more centered around joy and love and the affection between me and my honey. These are a few of my favorite Pins that really showcase that love. Hint: on all of these pics, you can click on them to get to the source!

Another big thing on my Pinterest board is arbors and FLOWERS. If you know me at all, you know that my favorite thing in the world is flowers. Giving them, receiving them, just looking at them, I LOVE THEM!! Here's some of my favs! 

The last little element I'm going to share is the dress. I have no idea what I want if I'm being honest, but here are some of my favorites that I've seen!! 

I can't wait for the future, but I'm also perfectly content with where I'm at in life right now! Let me know what your dream wedding is!!

Shelby Mott