Take It To-Go


This idea I’d like to share with you guys today is one that you might find to be common sense. The first time I came across it, though, I had never heard of it before and realized how ingenious and simple it truly is.


Wedding Day Tip.png

This simple concept blew my mind. Believe it or not, most people don’t even think of it. At Bright Star, we try to keep to-go containers handy just in case the caterers don’t have them, so we can send some leftovers off with the newlyweds. Think about it, IF the couple gets a chance to eat at their reception, chances are they don’t eat enough because they’re pulled away or the bride doesn’t want to bloat, or the groom doesn’t want to spill on his rental suit.

We try to aid this by having the to-go boxes made by the caterers as they’re packing up the remaining food. If there is a fruit and cheese table or other “cocktail hour” snacks, we slip some of those into a to-go container as well. Most importantly, DON’T FORGET THE CAKE. We throw in a few of both the bride’s and groom’s cake to finish up the to-go order. One last thing you might throw in is wine or champagne! If the family or couple paid to stock the bar, you could probably snag a bottle from there. Otherwise, plan ahead, ask what they like, and have that waiting for them in the car as well.

This way when the newlyweds get to the hotel or back home or wherever they’re staying that night, they can just relax and won’t have to spend money on room service or anything like that. Or if they have a long drive ahead of them the next day they can have some good snacks for the road.

Pro tip: bring a cooler for easier transportation. Stock it full with all their leftover yummy snacks and load it into the getaway car BEFORE they send off!



Pro pro tip: This one is a little off topic, but if you’re having a buffet at your wedding, have your coordinator or one of your family members fix your and your new spouse’s plate before everyone else and serve it to the table when the buffet opens. That way you get to spend more time greeting your guests and less time waiting in line! Because even when you think you might get a chance to breathe, you probably won’t (pictured above).