Unique Wedding Color Schemes

Happy Friday everyone! If you saw our poll on Instagram you know I was up in the air between two topics for this week so I let our followers decide for me. For most of the day Wednesday the results leaned toward bachelorette party ideas, but I was so so excited when the results flipped because this one is SO much fun! Let’s just jump right into what you came here for!

So I have gotten to witness plenty of weddings and seen enough on Pinterest to know the basic bones of every color scheme for weddings:

3 Parts of Every Color Scheme:

1.     Neutral – this is your grey, brown, white, and tan tones. Maybe a navy. Think business blazers. This one reigns in whatever accent colors you choose.

2.     Pop of color – go crazy girl. Let this one show your personality and compliment the vibe you want to give of at your wedding. This color will probably be most prominent in the flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, and groomsmen’s ties, etc. so keep that in mind when choosing this color.

3.     Neutral subtle color- I’d say these are more pastel or even darker colors like navy, olive, or heather grey. These aren’t as neutral as your neutral, but aren’t as bright as your pop of color.

Of course this is your wedding and I’m not about to make the rules for your wedding because you do. This is what I have observed though! Trends come and go and being different is the new trend for sure. So how do you make sure you don’t have the same color scheme as everyone else? Easy!

for a garden wedding.png

 My Secret to Color Schemes:

1.     Take and save aesthetically appealing pictures

Go in your closet and pick out your favorite outfit, take a picture. Clean up your room (you may be like me and need to anyway so there I gave you a reason to) then take a picture. I know you know where your favorite decorations are in your house. Maybe the kitchen, maybe the living room, either way take a picture. Now go on your Pinterest boards. All of them not just the wedding clothes. Save pictures of houses, colorful dishes, outfits, Joanna Gaines’ kitchen.

2.     Go to this amazing website https://www.canva.com/color-palette/

Y’all I’m not joking when I say this is an AMAZING website! I discovered this a few months back when planning our new scheme for the website. It honestly gives the most unique results for each picture uploaded.

3.     Upload your pictures and get inspiration from your favorite results!

The way the Canva color palette generator works is you upload a single picture at a time and it pulls colors, sometimes even the most subtle, and displays them across the bottom. TIP: screenshot the bar of colors it gives you ONLY. Sometimes you can get distracted by the picture above and not really see if you like what’s going on with what they gave you! One downfall of the generator is that it loves to give browns as a neutral, which I really love but it isn’t super trendy right now! And that may be just the reason you need it!


Below are some pictures I pulled from our website and from Pinterest to give you some inspiration and so you will have an idea of what the generator will give you!

Unique Color Schemes.png