What to Expect From Bright Star 2.0

bright Star Ranch (3).png

Almost 2 years ago we had a blog explaining what you can expect from Bright Star Ranch. That old blog, though, just showed pictures of the ranch, so it was time for an update! The blog today is going to walk you through the process of working with us so you know what to expect.


Step 1: Interest

Let’s first walk through the process of how you got to us. Either an ad popped up on Facebook, you saw us on wedding wire or another form of social media, you saw us in Brazos Valley Bridal, or you heard about us from a friend. However you found us, you were intrigued and clicked on over to our website.

Step 2: Exploring

Once on the website you click on the venue button and start exploring our pages. You decide you need to see this thing in real life for you call, email, or private message us for more information. Then, we get back to you ASAP as possible and ask if you’d like a tour!

Step 3: Tour

You say “YES!” and drive over to the venue at a time you and Allison have set up. She welcomes you in, shows you around making stops at the reception hall, bridal suite, and chapel most importantly. Throughout this tour Allison will go over the contract, pricing, policies, and rules we have at Bright Star for the safety of you and your guests.

Step 4: Booking

You say you need to speak with your fiancé or bring him back out or bring your mom out to get their approval as well. You come back, they love it, it fits in your budget, and you set the date!

Step 5: Decorating

This next step all depends on the package you’ve decided to go with. The one that appeals to me the most personally is the one where set up is the day before the wedding so there’s no hassle the day of. At Bright Star we do one wedding per weekend so that you can be our main focus. We want your day to be perfect as much as you do, and we go out of our way to make sure you get that. The day you decorate you’ll meet Allison at the venue and she’ll get everything unlocked and ready to go for you. Before this day you will have told Allison how many tables you need and where you need them to go so that is all ready for you. Most caterers that come out to Bright Star have been there before, so we handle their tables as well. Allison makes herself available, so if you need anything she can come over to get it for you.

Step 6: Day of

Don’t you worry about a thing. This day is under anyone’s control but yours. You will arrive at the venue (if you didn’t stay the night the night before) and go back into the Bridal Suite where you will spend most of your day! Your hair and makeup team will arrive and prep you for the walk down the aisle. At some point in the day the flowers, photographer, and rest of the wedding party show up. Usually people get as many pictures out of the way beforehand.

Step 7: During

While you’re getting married in the chapel, we do a sweep of the venue to make sure everything is perfect. We meet the caterers around this time also and make sure they’re all settled. After that it’s easy going. The guests will make their way over from the chapel and we’ll get the party started! You get to spend your evening enjoying yourself while we handle keeping things clean and operating smoothly. After we send you and your new hubby off in the getaway car, we’ll start cleaning up trash while your family breaks down decorations.

That all just about wraps up the process you’d experience when working with us! I know for me personally, I hate walking in to a situation where I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully if you’re the same way this spelled it all out for you and calmed your nerves so that you’re ready to go ahead and pick up the phone to give Allison a call! If you have any questions I didn’t answer feel free to reach out at info@brightstarranch.com and we can help you out! Below are buttons linked to our chapel, bridal suite, and reception hall so you can get step one started!

Allison Nichols