What Does The Groom's Family Pay For?

When planning a wedding, a lot of things that are done come solely from individual assumption, or Google. One of the things that is hardest to determine is what exactly the groom’s parents are technically responsible for paying for. Everyone you ask will give a different answer. Every blog you read has a different theory or reasoning behind its suggestions. I’ve looked at it all, I’ve heard and read it all, and I’m going to tell you what I’ve found to be true. Here’s a list of the top 5 things the groom’s family is traditionally expected to pay for:

  1. The Honeymoon

    1. This is a big bill to foot for a couple who is fresh out of the chapel. That being said, it’s also a big bill to foot for the parents of the new couple. I feel like this is the point where I need to insert a disclaimer that everything I list here is optional. Additionally, these days everything the bride’s family traditionally pays for is also likely optional. But if we’re sticking to tradition, like I like to, this is the standard that has been set.

  2. The logistics

    1. Marriage license, officiant fees, logistical things like that that you need to actually physically and legally be married are what I mean by the “logistics.” These are pretty straightforward and has nothing to do with decorating or planning and that’s probably why this responsibility falls to the groom and his parents.

  3. The rehearsal dinner

    1. This is the item is the one I have most commonly seen being paid for by the groom’s family. They get the little party before the big party. This includes the actual dinner, alcohol, and entertainment (should there be any).

  4. Tiny floral accessories

    1. I hate myself for the title of this section but I didn’t want it to seem like they’d be paying for the flowers for the whole wedding. This section just includes corsages, boutonnieres, and the ~maybe~ the bride’s bouquet.

  5. The Groom’s attire

    1. Lastly is the groom’s attire. His suit, and all the accessories he may need for that day. This one feels like it’s the most optional, but if the bride has her dress paid for by her parents then it feels a little wrong to make the groom pay for his suit.

BONUS: The Engagement Party

Optional bonus just incase your groom’s parents want to help out even more!

Allison Nichols