Summer Wedding Tips

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Listen, summer weddings are cute and easier but if you’re in Texas like we are you know it’s H-O-T HOT and the level of humidity is always unpredictable. This blog’s purpose is to give you some good tips for you, your wedding party, and your guests when having or attending a summer wedding.

Prepare for the worst, that’s my motto. It isn’t all that fun and could come off as pessimistic but I promise you’ll be more comfortable and have a better time than someone who wasn’t ready for the heat.

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Pro tip #1: Air it out. Rompers are not a bad idea, even jumpsuits aren’t, but sometimes they don’t give the best opportunities for airflow. Wear something flowy and breezy, a light fabric but one that won’t show sweat.

Pro tip #2: Save your legs. Hello chafing. That’s what I hear when I’m greeted by summer. It’s sweaty, but shorts/dresses are great attire options. The best way to save your legs while still being comfortable is baby powder. Rub some in on area where you know you chafe and rock on. There are even cute little travel sized baby powders you can buy and throw in your purse to reapply later in the night or lend to your friends.

Pro tip #3: Hair = up. You’ll be way more comfortable/less sweaty if your hair is out of the way. Even if you don’t want to do an updo, leave it down for picture but come prepared with a ponytail holder. The humidity is bound to get you anyway and the baby hairs are gonna be wild no matter what so just accept it and move on.

Pro tip #4: Preserve your makeup. Use a good primer, a setting spray, and bring a little powder for touch ups. A good idea for travel sized powder is to put some in a sanitized compact mirror and put a cotton pad in it. That way you can apply and store it easily. You could also bring rose water or something similar to spritz yourself with to stay looking fresh.

Pro tip #5: Hydrate. You’re going to dehydrate so much faster in the summer anyway, but at a hot wedding where you’re dancing and drinking it’s important that you remember to drink water as well. Gatorade makes travel packets of powdered gatorade. It may not be a bad idea to throw that in your purse or pocket and get some electrolytes in your system throughout the night.

All of these “pro” tips came straight from my own brain. We work so many summer weddings, we’ve learned all the best ways to beat the heat and look cute while doing it. If you have anything that saves you during a summertime event that we didn’t mention, let us know in the comments.

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Allison Nichols