Thank you for choosing Bright Star Ranch & Resort (BSR&R) for your wedding or event.

Our policies and guidelines where created so we can work together to assure that all aspects for your special day flow smoothly.



All renters (Licensee Parties) and their vendors, agents, guests and invitees agree to abide by the following Bright Star Ranch & Resort (BSR&R) policies and regulations.   Failure to do so will lead to automatic termination of Licensee’s rights without refund.


Bright Star Ranch & Resort offers online deposit payment for your convenience based on our standard pricing of wedding packages.  If you have a special request we will be happy to try and accommodate your wishes, just please give our Wedding Specialist, Allison Kusak a call at 979.828.5090.

RENTAL AGREEMENT  The rental of the Bright Star Ranch & Resort (BSR&R) (Facility) includes the Chapel, the Reception Hall and the Lodge in different combinations depending on which of two standard packages you choose.  Both  packages include changing facilities for the bride and use of the ranch grounds for photography. 

TWO STANDARD WEDDING/EVENT PACKAGES We have Two Standard Wedding/Event Package Combinations.  Both include use of the Chapel and Reception Hall.

Package With Lodge - this package includes the use of the Lodge with overnight accommodations.

Package Without Lodge -   this package does not include the use of Lodge with overnight accommodations.

NON-REFUNDABLE 50% DEPOSIT An initial non-refundable payment/deposit of 50% is due upon commitment to rent the BSR&R facilities.

NON-REFUNDABLE FINAL PAYMENT DUE IN 30 DAYS  The second, non-refundable payment of 50% is due within 30 days of making your initial deposit. If the reservation is made within 30 days of the event date, full payment is due at the time of reservation.

REFUNDABLE $1000 SECURITY DEPOSIT  A $1000 security deposit is required in addition to the rental fee and held as a security deposit that is refundable after the event if no damages have occurred.

The security deposit will be returned upon full inspection of the BSR&R Facility after its use to the satisfaction of BSR&R. In the event of damages that exceed the $1000 security deposit, Licensee will be billed for such damages and will be responsible for payment within 30 days of the dated invoice for the damages.  In the event of any breach of this Agreement by Licensee, BSR&R may retain this security deposit and apply it to any damages it incurs in connection therewith. this $1000.00 security deposit will not be a limitation on payment due by licensee for damages to bsr&r facilities.

NON-REFUNDABLE  All amounts paid to BSR&R are NON-REFUNDABLE. Failure of Licensee to deliver a scheduled payment on time will result in forfeiture of all (i) previous payments, (ii) the reservation of the Rental Date and (iii) the right to use the BSR&R Facility.

NON-TRANSFERABLE All non-refundable payments are NOT transferable to another date. All payments must be made online through

REFUNDS  The only refunds given will be in the event of a death of the bride or groom, military deployment of the bride or groom, or if the venue receives damage from a natural disaster that cannot be reasonably repaired in time for the event date. 

LIABILITY WAIVER RELEASE AND FACILITIES GUIDELINES AND POLICIES AGREEMENT must be filled out and signed with your 50% initial payment/deposit to reserve your date for the facility.

PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE All prices are subject to change prior to submitting your 50% deposit.

HOLDOVER CHARGES  All guests must leave by the designated closing time.  Licensee and Licensee Parties must end by 12 A.M./midnight on the Rental Date and everyone must be off the premises by 12:15 A.M. If any Licensee Parties do not timely vacate the Facility, Licensee will pay to BSR&R damages in the amount of $20.00 for every minute until the Facility is completely vacated, which amount Licensee hereby agrees is reasonable.

SECURITY CHARGES  Bright Star Ranch & Resort will supply one registered security officer for up to 200 guests as part of your rental fee.  For more than 200 guests, an additional security guard is required at an additional cost.

CHARGES FOR MORE THAN 400 GUESTS  The enclosed capacity of the Chapel is 250.  The enclosed capacity of the Reception Hall is 400.   Weddings with more than 400 guests may be accommodated subject to additional fees (at a rate of $12 per person) and approval of Bright Star Ranch & Resort management. In this case, the client is responsible for securing all additional chairs, tables, tents, restrooms, and any other equipment necessary to accommodate the additional guests.

NO RAIN REFUNDS  No refunds for rain will be given.

CHARGES FOR DAMAGES  Any damages to the Bright Star Ranch & Resort facilities or excessive cleaning costs will result in the partial or total loss of your security deposit. Any additional damages will be billed to you/your organization.

PERSONAL PROPERTY   You are responsible for any and all personal property that is brought to Bright Star Ranch & Resort (BSR&R).  BSR&R will not be liable for any damages or loss to the your personal property. All personal property must be removed from the facility by 12:15 a.m., CST on the day immediately following the rental Date; any personal property not so removed may, at the election of BSR&R, become the property of BSR&R, or BSR&R may elect to have the personal property removed and disposed of at the renter's sole cost and expense.

CANCELLATION POLICY  All cancellations must be made in writing. Because of our size, cancellations affect us significantly. Therefore, we adhere to a strict cancellation policy. The rental fee is due in its entirety 60 days prior to your event. The rental will be cancelled if the payment is not received by the required date. Cancellations made before 60 days prior to your event will result in a refund excluding your security deposit. Cancellations (regardless of the reason, and including inclement weather) made 60 days or less prior to the event will be refunded half the money paid, excluding the security deposit. Deposits are transferable to another date, subject to availability.


CHANGING FACILITIES FOR THE BRIDE Changing facilities for the bride are included in all of BSR&R's wedding packages

FINAL GUEST COUNT  The final guest count is due two weeks prior to your event.

ONE WEDDING PARTY PER DAY:  Currently we are only accommodating one wedding per day.


RENTAL HOURS  Each rental day begins at 8:00 a.m. CST and ends 16 hours later at 12:00 a.m. midnight CST.

ACCESS  Access to the BSR&R Facility on the Rental Date begins at 8:00 a.m. CST and ends 16 hours later at 12:00 a.m./midnight unless agreed upon in writing in advance.

EARLY ENTRY into the BSR&R Facility may be arranged at least 30 days in advance at BSR&R'S sole discretion. If BSR&R has granted consent for early entry into the Facility, Licensee will be notified no earlier than the MONDAY prior to the Rental Date.

EXTRA DECORATING DAYS will ONLY be permitted if there is NO other event scheduled. This time will only be for decorating; any other type of event hosting will not be permitted without full Facility rental.

FINAL CLEAN UP TIME  All table linens and table décor must be cleared by thirty minutes past closing time (12 a.m./Midnight).  All trash must be bagged and placed by the front doors.  Arrangements for any rental items to be picked up later are to be made in advance with Bright Star Ranch & Resort management and are to be placed in the areas designated by Bright Star Ranch & Resort by the end of the rental period.



BRIDAL PORTRAITS photos, if desired to be taken at the facility, will need to be arranged through Allison kusak at 979.828.5090. Photos will have to be taken while the venue is not in use by another Licensee. If BSR&R is able to schedule an event for the day and time the portraits are scheduled to be taken, BSR&R reserves the right to move the portrait taking to another unused time and date.

Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES  Any and all alcoholic beverages (including but not limited to beer, wine, and liquor) must be served by an approved TABC bartender.  You are accountable for your guests' conduct.  No one under the age of 21 will be served or allowed to consume alcohol on the property. Alcoholic beverages will be able to be served only until Midnight.  Bright Star Ranch & Resort reserves the right to ask any guest not in compliance to leave the premises.  

DRUGS  No illegal drugs are allowed on Bright Star Ranch & Resort property.

SMOKING  There is no smoking allowed in the interior of any of the Bright Star Ranch & Resort buildings.  Smoking outdoors is allowed only in designated areas.



FIRE PIT Use of fire pit is permitted only if preauthorized in writing to use. Fire must be fully extinguished before leaving.

NO SWIMMING  No swimming or water activities are permitted in any of Bright Star Ranch & Resorts ponds, lakes, creeks, tanks or other water features.

no PETS No pets are allowed on BSR&R property.

SUPERVISION OF MINORS  All minors must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult.

LADDERS  No one is allowed on a ladder except a vendor who is bonded and insured

TABLE BUSSING  Table bussing is not the responsibility of Bright Star Ranch & Resort.

MEDICAL STAFF/COVERAGE  Bright Star Ranch & Resort does NOT provide medical Staff or Medical Coverage for the licensee, its vendors, or its guests.

NO FIREARMS  No firearms allowed except for licensed security personnel during wedding or event rentals.  (Firearms are allowed only when the ranch is rented as a hunting venue.)

STOLEN AND LOST ITEMS  Bright Star Ranch & Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please lock valuables in your vehicle.

RAIN / OUTDOOR FUNCTIONS if the Licensee elects to have a function outdoors, Licensee MUST understand and agree that the Licensor is NOT responsible for ANY disruptions due to rain, inclement weather or sounds associated with the ranch setting while ceremonies of any kind are taking place.


CATERING EQUIPMENT  BSR&R does NOT provide any catering materials, supplies or equipment. This includes but is NOT limited to: pots, pans, ice, cups, utensils, plates, dishes of any kind, napkins, etc. BSR&R will only provide one serving table, a preparation sink and a refrigerator for catering purposes.  

CHAIRS AND TABLES:  All set up of chairs and tables for seating will be the Licensee’s responsibility. BSR&R will provide seating for 400 in Chiavari chairs and 45 60" round tables, and 4 8' and 4 6' rectangular tables.  The assembly and disassembly of these items will be the responsibility of the Licensee.

PROPANE STOVES  Use of propane stove is permitted if preauthorized in writing by bsr&r.



NO RICE AND SIMILAR  No confetti, sand, hay, glitter, birdseed, rose petals, or rice is allowed on the grounds.  Special requests will require advance permission that will be granted on a case by case basis.

NO CEILING/WALL ATTACHMENTS  No extra items are allowed to be hung from the rafters or ceiling on the interior or exterior of the buildings.  No items may be attached to the walls on the interior or exterior of the buildings by nail or screw. any wall hangings must be done through a vendor for client safety.

FOliAGE  BSR&R does NOT provide foliage of any kind and will not be responsible for the moving of any type of foliage.

NO CRAYONS/MARKERS  No crayons for children's tables are permitted. markers are permitted only if they are washable.

CANDLES/OPEN FLAME  Any candles or open flame decorations must be in a votive container with no open flame.

FIREWORKS  Sparklers, bubbles, and licensed professional fireworks displays are not permitted on the premises.



PARKING:  all motorized vehicles of any kind must be parked in the designated parking locations.

NO HEAVY EQUIPMENT (cars, tractors, scissor lifts, etc.) are permitted on the sidewalks, indoor floors, patios, grass or non-designated parking areas of Bright Star Ranch & Resort.

RESTRICTED AREAS  No access to restricted areas of the ranch are allowed.

SERVICE PERSONNEL  Vendors and service personnel are to park in the employee parking areas. 



WEDDING CONSULTANTS  If you are using a wedding consultant or coordinator we require a consultation prior to the wedding. If you have not selected a consultant, we can provide a referral list of qualified wedding consultants who are familiar with Bright Star Ranch & Resort. If you are using a consultant who has not used our facility before, we ask that they meet with us in advance of the wedding date.  If you are planning your wedding or event yourself, we will be happy to meet with you to familiarize you with our property.

CATERERS/SERVICE PROVIDERS/VENDORS  Bright Star Ranch & Resort has a successful track record partnering with catering and other service providers in the area, we reserve the right to restrict and prohibit access to our facilities by caterers and other services which do not currently meet our standards. All catering companies must be licensed and insured to the extent reasonably required by bsr&r.  All vendors must contact the Bright Star Ranch & Resort office 30 days prior to the event to coordinate use of our facilities.



Licensee hereby releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Licensor Bright Star Ranch & Resort, its principals, employees and agents (collectively, "licensor") harmless from any and all damages, claims, losses, injuries to persons or to property, or other costs and expenses incurred in connection with or caused by Licensee’s use of the Facility, whether or not related to the consumption or service of alcoholic beverages thereon, whether or not related to or caused by any defect in any building, structure, equipment, furniture or other component of the facility, and whether or not caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of Licensor or by action of any licensee party; licensee hereby waives any and all such claims against licensor, both on behalf of itself AND THE LICENSEE PARTIES.  Licensee will indemnify Licensor and which for any damages to the facility, its fixtures or equipment which occur on or after the rental date, and which are caused by Licensee or a licensee party, or otherwise arise a result of licensee’s use thereof.



I certify that I am an authorized representative of Licensee, that I am authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of Licensee, and that I agree to, understand, and will abide by the terms set forth herein. This Agreement will be subject to and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. This Agreement may not be assigned by Licensee without the express written consent of Licensor. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to the subject matter addressed herein, and may only be amended by written agreement executed by Licensee and Licensor. In any instance herein in which the consent or election of Licensor is required, such consent or election may be made or withheld in Licensor’s sole and absolute discretion. Faxed or scanned and emailed pdf signatures will be binding on any party so signing.


I have read and agree to the above terms of use:






We look forward to helping make your wedding or event the best possible.

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